Who is a Superhero???

Whenever I thought of Superhero, an idea of Superman and Batman hovered over my mind. The idea of having colorful or different clothes, the impression that Superhero could fight the crime to bring justice in the world where he always wining the show, climbing high over buildings, hiding their identities from the public were some of the misconception that I always had about Superheroes. But reading this article of How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes corrected my misconception.


But the difference between a hero and a superhero is that hero does something that helps people and solves the problem of people but a superhero is someone who has the powers beyond a normal person. Using those powers, he does heroic acts to help people. Now, the Superhero does not have to essentially look like the description I described above or have all the capabilities that we saw in Superman and Batman. There is not any particular pattern that they should follow to be titled as ‘Superhero’, but they should have something different and unique than a normal human being which makes them superhero.


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