Here I am! trying to sum up everything I did for this week. The assignments of the week were interesting. I already had my blog at UMW domain so I made a subdomain (http://ds106.lailashaikh.com/). I never knew about the idea of subdomain so it was great to learn that. Registering the blog was easy, but to make sure the blog was successfully registered was a bit confusing.  Next came the task of signing up at social media websites and introducing myself at those sites (https://ds106.lailashaikh.com/uncategorized/my-intro/). I made an account on YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Flickr. I already have an account at twitter but never used it. This class allowed me to work with it again. I am completely new to Flickr but I hope I will make it through. I introduced myself at Flickr by posting my own picture (FlickIntro). Introducing myself at Twitter was a little easier, although I wished that I had done it in a bit more detailed way (Twitter). I also made a YouTube video (Intro at YouTube). I do not like to keep my videos and pictures publicly at these websites. But this time, I will give it a try. Other than that, I recorded my introduction at ‘Quick Time Player’ only in audio and uploaded it at SoundCloud (SoundCloudIntro).

In the end, I will talk about the theme of superheroes. I have a different opinion about the theme of superheroes than most of the class so my blog post was not in favor of the theme being chosen for the semester (super106thoughts).

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