Weekly Summary # 11

Since I was very busy with other assignments throughout this week, I have completed everything today! I started by completing  all the video assignments from the assignment bank. The first assignment was about compiling pictures of my dream place in a video.

Dream Place

For my second assignment from the video bank, I chose to take a video of one of the thing that I do every day.

What do you do??

For the third and last assignment from the video bank this week, I chose to do the video of something I am terrible at doing.

what I am terrible at?

Out of all the three assignments that I have discussed above, I enjoyed doing the first one only. After that, I completed the three daily creates in one day which I know is not right but I did not have any other option.

I wanted to also do the daily create of Friday, but I did not have a single picture of my childhood in my laptop.

Last but not the least, I did the assignment of thinking of a crisis my superhero can solve.

Superhero crisis

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