Week two Summary

I chose my first assignment from the web category.  This assignment was about drawing a wide range of doodles. It was like a game which I enjoyed playing. My second post was related to editing of picture. I edited my picture to make it look as if it had been taken in the civil war era. I do not do a lot of picture editing so this was a good experience. The end result was good to see.  The last assignment that I did of this week was making cool design of my name . 

Apart from assignments, I participated in the daily creates. I normally just see things, but I don’t participate so  It was a great experience.My first daily create was to make a harsh truth poster. I enjoyed doing this because I got an opportunity to share one of my all-time favorite quotes with the world!! It is also a great lesson which I want everyone to learn. Also take a look at two of my other tweets.



I have added an assignment in the section of mashup. I installed all the required plugins, I also added the about section in the website. Please take a look!!  In the end, I will tell you my confusion that I went through while doing assignments. It was whether or not my tags was connected to the assignment bank. I have tagged everything properly but I am still not sure what I did was the right thing.


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