Week 9

I started this week’s work by doing web assignments. The first assignment that I chose to do is about dream vacation. I chose Istanbul, which is the city of Turkey. The link below will lead you to the blog:

Dream vacation

For the second assignment, I chose a color and went on to 20 minutes’ walk during which I took all the pictures on the road having that color in it.


To create a story out of the daily creates, I chose 1 daily create from this week work while the other two from the last week’s work. The story that I created is: ‘’I sit on these spiral shaped chairs in the campus to write and share my thoughts with people, but in future technology will be so advanced that the people will just read our thoughts from our mind if we give them the right’’.

The links below show the daily creates I did this week:

Other than that, I wrote a review for the radio show ‘distress Signal’. No doubt, their radio show production was amazing!

Radio show review!

I changed the text in parts of an amazon page using ‘Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool’. I did not know about this tool before so it was great that this class pushed me to learn it as well.

Web Storytelling!!

I also nominated my own art work to be displayed on ds106 website and my art work showed up after few hours.

Art Work nomination

This is how week 9 also comes to an end! Time is flying!!

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