Week 4

This week’s work was not a lot. It was also not that boring as it was last week’s. Finally, I have started commenting on people’s work and I like their work more than my own work.

This is the first blog that I wrote after reading the assigned articles.

My interest in photography!

Completing the assignment of ‘The Life of a Superhero’ took me a long time. But due to it, I learnt how useful it is to learn Photoshop.

The Life of a Superhero

Tweeting at the ‘daily creates ‘ makes me feel that I am alive. Below are my responses:


Tongue Twister

Dead leaves look beautiful??

Finally, the visuals assignments were also a lot of fun. First assignment that I chose to do was the billboard’s one, and I got this comment :

‘I really like this assignment! It almost looks like your family is a real advertisement for Luray! This assignment is very intriguing to me and I wish I had seen it before completing my assignments for the week from the assignment bank.’

After reading it, I felt that Lurray should really pay me for all I am doing for them (Just joking).

City billboard looking fancy!!

Below is the second assignment that I chose to do from the ‘Visual assignment bank’

Places of Peace

Last but not least, here goes the ‘photobliz’ assignment:


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