Week 3

The first writing assignment that I chose to do from the assignment bank is “A letter to you as a child”. In this assignment, I had to write a letter to my past. It contains everything that I wish I had done differently in the past that had affected my present. My second blog post is related to doing a fast forward to 10 years ahead and imagining my expectation of how I will be after 10 years. This was also very interesting assignment because I have written all my desires in it while my third .

Replying to the ds106dc tweet thrice was the second task in which we had to take part. All the tweets I did are described in my posts:




Other than that, I used the website of SuperStory Generator where I used the option of random name and gender to create a description of Superhero. On the basis of this description, I created a story of a Superhero that I shared in a post. Character dossier was an interesting assignment that I did. In this post, I created a superhero character and creatively made a story. Learning about the curves that most of the fictional stories process. I applied the curves I learnt on the story of Superman and shared a post.

I think the difficult part of the class this week was that it was a lot of work. Other than that, it involved a lot of creative work or imagination that we had to do. But the assignments were interesting and I had a lot of opportunities to learn new material.


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