Radio show review!

I chose to write my review for the radio show ‘distress signal’. I felt that they chose a good theme (game show) for their radio show keeping the interest of the listeners alive during the whole time. During the show, I also tried to answer all the questions they asked, in the beginning among each other and then from the callers, to check my knowledge as well. The way they incorporated the theme of superhero in their game show was amazing, and the way they started with the commercial about the abduction of a girl and then picked it again in the end of the show by integrating the theme of superhero was very well thought.

The use of background music at all parts of the show suited the environment very well; having sad and slow music in the end and very jolly and pleasant music during bumpers. There was one part in the show where I felt that the background music was a little loud. This was the part where they quoted few lines to start the day on a positive note. Overall, I would say that their production looked very professional and I did not feel bored at any point during the show.

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