Radio Commercial!

I chose to do the audio assignment of making a radio commercial which we will be using in our radio show. It was little hard to come up with a theme for  the radio show. So I googled the activities calendar of UMW and came up with the list of activities happening this year. From there, I chose the event of Chinese fan dance performance, which is going to take place at HCC in November to be used in the advertisement.

To make the commercial, I used audacity. As you will go through the audio. There is the sound of a man as well as woman. In reality, it is all my sound, there is just a little editing on some parts of the female voice to make it feel like a man’s voice. Other than that, I added background music which I found from a free music website. I also used a clip of ping in the beginning of the radio commercial to symbolize the transition from the radio program to commercial.

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