Progress Report – Final crisis

This has been a very busy week with lots of assignments and projects due for the other classes. It was very hard for me to come up with a nice idea for my final project in which I could incorporate different media. Here is my idea:

I have the superpower of going invisible, but I am only able to use this power when there is sunlight present. I started my mission to unmask politicians who were involved in crime, I was still in the process when the sunlight went out, now there were a lot of chances that the enemies could just catch me and murder me. Therefore, I sent out a message to a Facebook group of my friends to help me hide. They came out to help me hide until the next day when sunlight came out again and after that I completed my mission.

To tell this story, I will use video which will contain posters and pictures to create this scenario. At the background of this video, I will use my voice to tell the story. In short, this project will contain audio, video, design, and visual elements to tell a story.

Below is the first image I have created:

I have used pixlr as a photo editing tool. It is like photoshop. I have used to get background images for the picture above. I have used ‘noun project’ website to get the image of the cloak, and google to find remaining images.

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