Places of Peace

The first visual assignment that I have decided to do is ‘Places of Peace’. I downloaded and captured pictures of places where I feel relaxed and at peace. The first picture is of the library where I like doing all my homework or read books without any disturbance. The second picture is of Starbucks. This place attracts me. I always take my laptop, buy coffee and complete my tasks there. In past, I worked as Student Aid at an elementary school where I got an opportunity to work with kids. Working with kid at that elementary school used to take away all my stress from my mind. So In my collage, I have attached a picture of kids at school. Though this picture is from internet because I never took a picture with them. In the end there is a picture of a room which is always the last and best stop to relax. I love my room when it is neat and clean.

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  1. When I saw this assignment, I almost completed it, however, I chose one similar to it that was a room tour, or in my case, an apartment tour. I share a place of peace with you…Starbucks! It is such a great place to just hang out or study and it always smells good which is a plus.

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