My interest in photography!

Photography is an art that I was never interested in, as a profession. Although I take a lot of pictures of me and my family to capture the memorable moments we spend together, these pictures do not have a depth that a professional person would like to see. So, I end up deleting these photos most of the time. A good strategy of taking pictures is to plan or focus before taking picture but I do the opposite. I take a couple of pictures at the same time hoping that one of it would turn out good. However, I try to have enough light while taking pictures to prevent from having dull photos. Other than that, I also make sure that the people are smiling in my pictures, because every smiling face is beautiful so, cheerful moods make pictures automatically beautiful. Reading some of the articles about photography, I learnt to add depth in the pictures to create an illusion of 3-D effect in 2-D images as in the picture below:

Having a good color contrast is also very important. It is good to have a bright foreground if you have a dark background.







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