Dream vacation

This assignment was about creating my dream vacation on Pinterest. I enjoyed doing this assignment and the instructions at the website helped me a lot. I already had my profile at Pinterest. I just thought about the vacation place which is Turkey, googled some of its best tourist attractions, pinned those, and then added them into the vacation board. I think it is quite possible to visit this country. I have decided to visit it next year. During our flight to my home country, I have decided to book my flight through Turkish airlines and stay in Turkey for a week during the transit and then go to my home country. The native and official language of Turkey is Turkish but English is an international language so I do not think I will face any difficulty in that aspect and as far as the visa of the country is concerned, since I am American resident I can easily get the visitor visa at the airport. The only issue is financing my trip, but I will hopefully have a job by next year, so it will be easier to finance myself for this trip. Below is the link to my board: https://www.pinterest.com/laila_jan13sw05/dream-vacation/

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