Adventurous life of a superhero!!

The first assignment that I have decided to do this week from the writing assignments is SuperStory Generator. I used this website to randomly generate a super hero and his powers.

My superhero name is Dream Bane and here goes her everyday story: 
The task of my day starts at the middle of night when everyone is sleeping. Since my Superhero has the power to enter, explore, manipulate, and control anybody’s dreams! He starts looking at what students of UMW are dreaming at night. It’s said that what happens during the day has direct impact over your dreams. So, if students of UMW have nightmare, he gets the indication that they have some trouble in their life. He changes those nightmare in to dreams full of flowers, lakes, beautiful sceneries, and happiness but keeps the information about those students. But as soon as sun rises in the morning, he goes to the students and checks what finds out the problems they are facing. He then fixes the problem using his powers and capabilities. After completing his superhero tasks and helping UMW students, he goes with his usual schedule and fulfills his own dreams and desires.