Vonnegut’s method on ‘The First Ever Superman Cartoon (1941)’


“Apply Vonnegut’s method to the story you picked and write a blog post on it.”

I chose the story of ‘The First Ever Superman Cartoon (1941)’ and applied the Vonnegut’s method to that story. I will apply his first and last curve to this story.

The last curve explains how a little girl gets into a trouble by becoming an orphan but then a fairy comes and saves her. This curve explains how the main character of the story comes out of the misery. In the same way, Superman comes to Earth and is taken to orphanage where he spends his childhood. When he grows up, he discovers his hidden powers which turns his life from grief to glory.

Whereas, the first curve of Vonnegut explains how somebody gets into trouble and gets out of it. Now that somebody in this story is world in which Superman is living.  The threatening letter from a mad scientist is received. So, this is the climax of the story. But superman with his superpowers brings the world out of that trouble and saves the buildings and people from the villain.

I think the story like Superman do not attract the adults but children are still attracted to these stories and enjoy such type of comics.