Introducing Commander Janus, our superhero

“Create a character dossier for a superhero themed character of your own making. “


Born in a small town of Pakistan in 1990 without a father and mother who died in a car accident. Commander Janus is brought up by his grandmother who loves him just like a real mother. Belonging to a lower middle class family, this handsome kid has a height of 5’7, with an interest in sports. He does not like to study and fails in his exams at schools but on the other hand, he is good at playing cricket with his neighbors.

One day, while finding his cricket bat in his house’s storeroom, he comes across an old computer. This computer which looks like a computer was a secret invention of his father. Out of curiosity, Commander Janus presses the random buttons of this machine and gets the super power to go invisible. Since he is from a lower middle class family, he goes to random events and eats delicious food at random weddings while not being seen by people, he goes to the office of his school teachers, and sees all the Exams Question papers and passes the exams. But later on, he finds out that doing all this is unethical and tells this to his friends who are also his well-wishers. He and his friends come up with an idea to use this power to help the community. They target the politicians of Pakistan who are corrupt and criminals. He makes several plans with his friends to find their records and reveal them in public or media.