Hey 17 years old me

“Write a letter to yourself at a certain age. Is there anything specific you would tell yourself? Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew then? Let yourself know!” 


Do not waste your summer vacations sleeping at home, this time is very precious. Try to explore new things and new fields to see what you like. Do not just think about choosing a career field based on its scope in job market and its salary potential. Otherwise, you will end up having a very frustrating and boring life.

Other than that, try participating in as many extracurricular activities as you can. These will build your confidence, self-esteem, and will be very beneficial. And the stage you are in, is the best stage in which you can learn these skills.

Do not be afraid of trying new things, meeting new people, and learning new skills. Because later on in every stage of your life, you will work with new things and meet new people. If you will be in habit of all this, It will not be a big surprise for you.

Who doesn’t like Unexpected Surprise???

This is my second time this week tweeting for ‘daily create’. The task was to illustrate one of the redundancies from the list they had provided in their tweet.  I tweeted the display of ‘Unexpected Surprise’. Finding a picture easily was one of the reasons for choosing this particular item from the list. Another reason was that I had an idea of what I was looking for.

Week two Summary

I chose my first assignment from the web category.  This assignment was about drawing a wide range of doodles. It was like a game which I enjoyed playing. My second post was related to editing of picture. I edited my picture to make it look as if it had been taken in the civil war era. I do not do a lot of picture editing so this was a good experience. The end result was good to see.  The last assignment that I did of this week was making cool design of my name . 

Apart from assignments, I participated in the daily creates. I normally just see things, but I don’t participate so  It was a great experience.My first daily create was to make a harsh truth poster. I enjoyed doing this because I got an opportunity to share one of my all-time favorite quotes with the world!! It is also a great lesson which I want everyone to learn. Also take a look at two of my other tweets.



I have added an assignment in the section of mashup. I installed all the required plugins, I also added the about section in the website. Please take a look!!  In the end, I will tell you my confusion that I went through while doing assignments. It was whether or not my tags was connected to the assignment bank. I have tagged everything properly but I am still not sure what I did was the right thing.


My name looks cool now!

The third assignment that I chose to do from the assignment bank was writing my name in a unique way. The reason for choosing this assignment was to creatively write my name in different styles. The tool that I have used for this assignment is also very useful for creating logos for the websites. I typically used the ‘logos’ tab and customized it the way I wanted.



Google is not smart enough to understand my drawing???

The reason I chose this assignment about drawing was to see if my drawing was good enough for google to understand. I guess it’s not.  Even though it did not completely understood what I drew, I still enjoyed doing it.

This application gives you the task of drawing a wide range of doodles and the application makes the guesses about what you draw while you are drawing. In the end, the prediction is matched with the actual doodle you were assigned to make.  Pretty easy right??

Experiencing 80’s era!!

I decided to do an assignment from the visual category which asks you to edit your picture as if it had been taken in the civil war era.  I used this image from my Facebook profile since I did not want to take the picture again or find one from the old pictures I have.

To do this, I used two different photo editing applications. The first one is Fotor, which is an online program that I used to change the colors of the picture. In addition to it, I used Movavi Photo Editor to change the background image. I think it’s not free, so I used its trial version. The best thing I like about Movavi is that it gives you short video clips on how you use a feature as soon as you click that particular option.


Here I am! trying to sum up everything I did for this week. The assignments of the week were interesting. I already had my blog at UMW domain so I made a subdomain (http://ds106.lailashaikh.com/). I never knew about the idea of subdomain so it was great to learn that. Registering the blog was easy, but to make sure the blog was successfully registered was a bit confusing.  Next came the task of signing up at social media websites and introducing myself at those sites (https://ds106.lailashaikh.com/uncategorized/my-intro/). I made an account on YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Flickr. I already have an account at twitter but never used it. This class allowed me to work with it again. I am completely new to Flickr but I hope I will make it through. I introduced myself at Flickr by posting my own picture (FlickIntro). Introducing myself at Twitter was a little easier, although I wished that I had done it in a bit more detailed way (Twitter). I also made a YouTube video (Intro at YouTube). I do not like to keep my videos and pictures publicly at these websites. But this time, I will give it a try. Other than that, I recorded my introduction at ‘Quick Time Player’ only in audio and uploaded it at SoundCloud (SoundCloudIntro).

In the end, I will talk about the theme of superheroes. I have a different opinion about the theme of superheroes than most of the class so my blog post was not in favor of the theme being chosen for the semester (super106thoughts).


I am not a big fan of fantasy and like more of a reality. When I think about the superheroes, all that comes in my mind is superman and batman. When I was a young kid, I used to love those fictional characters but when I grew up, I stopped liking them. Having the idea that a hero comes, challenges all evils, and has all the capabilities to fix the problems of the world and universe does not make sense to me.

World where it is today, is all because of contribution and participation of thousands of generations and millions of people. It is all about team work. Finding all the good qualities in one person or a character is not possible.

As per my opinion, turning our theme towards a little bit of reality will be great! Changing it from superheroes to heroes will be a good idea. Students choosing hero of a week and writing a blog about their idol will be a good write and good read.