Who is a Superhero???

Whenever I thought of Superhero, an idea of Superman and Batman hovered over my mind. The idea of having colorful or different clothes, the impression that Superhero could fight the crime to bring justice in the world where he always wining the show, climbing high over buildings, hiding their identities from the public were some of the misconception that I always had about Superheroes. But reading this article of How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes corrected my misconception.


But the difference between a hero and a superhero is that hero does something that helps people and solves the problem of people but a superhero is someone who has the powers beyond a normal person. Using those powers, he does heroic acts to help people. Now, the Superhero does not have to essentially look like the description I described above or have all the capabilities that we saw in Superman and Batman. There is not any particular pattern that they should follow to be titled as ‘Superhero’, but they should have something different and unique than a normal human being which makes them superhero.


My favorite festival

The third assignment that I chose to pick from the assignment is related to the favorite holiday. So here you go:

My favorite festival is Eid-ul-Fitr. It is not a holiday in US. But I grew up in a country where it always was. So, today I will talk about it. Haven’t heard of it??? ..yayyy! It’s time to first teach you what it is about. Eid-ul-Fitr, feast of breaking the fast, is an important religious festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world that marks the end of the month of fasting. I grew up in a Muslim majority country where Eid-ul-Fitr is a very special occasion. We started to shop for the Eid celebrations as soon as the month of Ramazan starts; we enjoy the sparkle and enthusiasm of crowds of people at shopping centers and markets for whole of the month, and try to buy everything anew from clothes to shoes and makeup.

Muslim calendar is based on the sighting of moon. As soon as the moon is seen the evening before, celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr is officially notified and announced for the next day. With this announcement, people come out of their homes and rush to markets to spend almost whole of the night in shopping malls; young girls and women get henna on their hands and arms, and go to saloons for hair cutting, manicure, and pedicure.

The day of Eid starts with the Eid prayer, followed by the celebrations in which gifts are distributed among kids, special delicious foods are prepared at home, and big gatherings are arranged among relatives.

Week 3

The first writing assignment that I chose to do from the assignment bank is “A letter to you as a child”. In this assignment, I had to write a letter to my past. It contains everything that I wish I had done differently in the past that had affected my present. My second blog post is related to doing a fast forward to 10 years ahead and imagining my expectation of how I will be after 10 years. This was also very interesting assignment because I have written all my desires in it while my third .

Replying to the ds106dc tweet thrice was the second task in which we had to take part. All the tweets I did are described in my posts:




Other than that, I used the website of SuperStory Generator where I used the option of random name and gender to create a description of Superhero. On the basis of this description, I created a story of a Superhero that I shared in a post. Character dossier was an interesting assignment that I did. In this post, I created a superhero character and creatively made a story. Learning about the curves that most of the fictional stories process. I applied the curves I learnt on the story of Superman and shared a post.

I think the difficult part of the class this week was that it was a lot of work. Other than that, it involved a lot of creative work or imagination that we had to do. But the assignments were interesting and I had a lot of opportunities to learn new material.


Adventurous life of a superhero!!

The first assignment that I have decided to do this week from the writing assignments is SuperStory Generator. I used this website to randomly generate a super hero and his powers.

My superhero name is Dream Bane and here goes her everyday story: 
The task of my day starts at the middle of night when everyone is sleeping. Since my Superhero has the power to enter, explore, manipulate, and control anybody’s dreams! He starts looking at what students of UMW are dreaming at night. It’s said that what happens during the day has direct impact over your dreams. So, if students of UMW have nightmare, he gets the indication that they have some trouble in their life. He changes those nightmare in to dreams full of flowers, lakes, beautiful sceneries, and happiness but keeps the information about those students. But as soon as sun rises in the morning, he goes to the students and checks what finds out the problems they are facing. He then fixes the problem using his powers and capabilities. After completing his superhero tasks and helping UMW students, he goes with his usual schedule and fulfills his own dreams and desires.

Introducing Commander Janus, our superhero

“Create a character dossier for a superhero themed character of your own making. “


Born in a small town of Pakistan in 1990 without a father and mother who died in a car accident. Commander Janus is brought up by his grandmother who loves him just like a real mother. Belonging to a lower middle class family, this handsome kid has a height of 5’7, with an interest in sports. He does not like to study and fails in his exams at schools but on the other hand, he is good at playing cricket with his neighbors.

One day, while finding his cricket bat in his house’s storeroom, he comes across an old computer. This computer which looks like a computer was a secret invention of his father. Out of curiosity, Commander Janus presses the random buttons of this machine and gets the super power to go invisible. Since he is from a lower middle class family, he goes to random events and eats delicious food at random weddings while not being seen by people, he goes to the office of his school teachers, and sees all the Exams Question papers and passes the exams. But later on, he finds out that doing all this is unethical and tells this to his friends who are also his well-wishers. He and his friends come up with an idea to use this power to help the community. They target the politicians of Pakistan who are corrupt and criminals. He makes several plans with his friends to find their records and reveal them in public or media.


Vonnegut’s method on ‘The First Ever Superman Cartoon (1941)’


“Apply Vonnegut’s method to the story you picked and write a blog post on it.”

I chose the story of ‘The First Ever Superman Cartoon (1941)’ and applied the Vonnegut’s method to that story. I will apply his first and last curve to this story.

The last curve explains how a little girl gets into a trouble by becoming an orphan but then a fairy comes and saves her. This curve explains how the main character of the story comes out of the misery. In the same way, Superman comes to Earth and is taken to orphanage where he spends his childhood. When he grows up, he discovers his hidden powers which turns his life from grief to glory.

Whereas, the first curve of Vonnegut explains how somebody gets into trouble and gets out of it. Now that somebody in this story is world in which Superman is living.  The threatening letter from a mad scientist is received. So, this is the climax of the story. But superman with his superpowers brings the world out of that trouble and saves the buildings and people from the villain.

I think the story like Superman do not attract the adults but children are still attracted to these stories and enjoy such type of comics.


My Expectations!!

“Write a letter to yourself describing how you ideally imagine your life, career, etc. in 10 years. Then keep the letter and read it in 10 years and see how your life turned out versus how you imagined it.”


After 10 years, I hope you are married, living at your own beautiful home with lovely and happy family. Stable professional life was your other biggest dream, so I am expected that by now you have a stable job with your employers and colleagues being happy with your performance. I am expecting that you know all the stuff, you are working with at work and you are confident about it. Before 10 years, while I was writing this letter, you did not have a good flow in your spoken English. But after a decade, I am anticipating that you are satisfied with your English skills. Along with that, I hope you have a good friends circle. The time when I was writing this letter, you had recently emigrated to USA, so you were not very social and did not have a lot of friends, so now have you filled those gaps in your life?

Let’s not forget the family (siblings and parent), I am sure everyone is happy and doing well in their lives. I hope they still mean a lot to you.