If you like to blog and love to work with different digital tools, then do not hesitate to take this class. But if you think it is an easy ‘A’ then you are not right. You will have to do a lot of work and learn so many new things on your own. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to complete the assignments for this class. Overall, I loved this class. I learnt to work with a lot of new tools but I think the assignments were a little too much.

Final Project!


This is the final project that I have created. It have used video, audio, visual, and design media. So the goal was to tell the story using all the medias and you will definitely understand the story if you play the video above.

I have used pixlr to edit the pictures. Using pixlr was a pain but I learnt a lot. I had pieces and wanted to make posters out of those pieces to convey my story.  The pieces are as below(these are some pieces missing from the ones below):



For the starting and ending poster, I used ‘Paint Xlite’. I recorded my voice in ‘Quick media player’ and used imovie to incorporate my sound and posters in it. I hope you will like it. Do not forget to leave a feedback!

Progress Report – Final crisis

This has been a very busy week with lots of assignments and projects due for the other classes. It was very hard for me to come up with a nice idea for my final project in which I could incorporate different media. Here is my idea:

I have the superpower of going invisible, but I am only able to use this power when there is sunlight present. I started my mission to unmask politicians who were involved in crime, I was still in the process when the sunlight went out, now there were a lot of chances that the enemies could just catch me and murder me. Therefore, I sent out a message to a Facebook group of my friends to help me hide. They came out to help me hide until the next day when sunlight came out again and after that I completed my mission.

To tell this story, I will use video which will contain posters and pictures to create this scenario. At the background of this video, I will use my voice to tell the story. In short, this project will contain audio, video, design, and visual elements to tell a story.

Below is the first image I have created:

I have used pixlr as a photo editing tool. It is like photoshop. I have used to get background images for the picture above. I have used ‘noun project’ website to get the image of the cloak, and google to find remaining images.

Weekly Summary # 12

I started this week’s work by doing the remix assignments.  The first assignment that I chose to do is the complete opposite of the assignment “Places I want to visit”.

Places I don’t want to visit

For the second assignment, I converted the medium. In past, I made a collage, but now I have made a video.

Places of Peace

From the mashup bank, I did three assignments:

holiday mashup

Photo Mash

Crazy Mashup

I have also made a tutorial of iMovie, which explains how you can use iMovie to combine all the pictures and then add background music in it.

iMovie tutorial

I also completed two daily creates of the week. First one was about finding 106 in our world while the second one was about making shadows using lamp lights.


Places I don’t want to visit

In past, I did this assignment without the remix in which I made a video composed of pictures of places where I want to go.  To remix it, my task was to make something completely opposite of that. So I found the pictures of places which I do not want to visit and then I made a video to combine all those picture. In the end, I added a background music in it to make the experience of my viewers more pleasant.

holiday mashup

I chose to do this assignment from the mashup bank in which I had to use the  photo editing tool to mashup my top three favorite holiday celebrations. I used gimp to do this. I would say that its too hard for me to use gimp. I particularly used lasso tool from the gimp to cut the part I wanted from the pictures. In the picture I have combined Christmas, thanksgiving and New Year in it .

Photo Mash

The task of this assignment was to mash the pictures of two actors in a single picture.  To do that, I chose pictures of Emma Watson and Zac Efron from google and used  photoshop to do merge them in to two pictures.

Crazy Mashup

Take a dramatic closeup of anyone’s face – an actor’s, a friend’s, your own – and superimpose a landscape or scene over the face. Since this is a mashup, get crazy with it.

The picture itself looks very scary and crazy,  it is my friend’s picture. I used gimp to cut the part of face I wanted and pasted it in a separate background. I wanted the face to be a little shorter and in fact, it was a lot shorter than the background picture I found but whenever I was cutting the part using the lasso tool and pasting it in a different background. the face looked larger. I did not know how I could fix it, so I just left it there. it